Dhafir Trading LLC committed to support excellence and is all about people, the most critical resource in any enterprise. Built a base over 100 Professional employees with various skills sets to meet customer requirements across all levels in various industries.
•General Helpers & semi skilled workers
•Skilled Workers
•Gas Turbine Technicians, Electricians, Mechanics, Instrument Technicians, Welders, Fabricators, Painters
•Fork Lift Operators - Heavy Equipment & warehouse operators

Quality Health & Safety Environment
Where their health and safety are of utmost importance, We provide Safety Trainings for all personnel and basic PPES
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Rubber Coating / Moulding
We engage and can supply in any kind of Rubber moulding, Coating & any kind of Rubber material fabrication jobs.
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Equipment Hire
We are specialised in hire of following Equipments like D.G.Sets, Compressors, Trolleys - Heavy,Pressure tanks and A/C Industrial / Portable
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Air Conditioning Services
Entire Service Provider (Industrial / Domestic)
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